Hammett’s Monastik Restaurant

The Concept

The name of the place Monastik was brought about by the inspiration of the way the monasteries work by growing and using their own food which is the purest form of sustainability.

Our menu concept is of a continental European nature where they have cold winters and hot summers, and the produce is very seasonal and thus conservation practices such as fermentation and pickling have always been used to keep the summer farm and foraged food throughout the whole year.

Hammett's Monastik Logo

Local & Organic

Here at monastik our kitchen is using 99% local produce – the only thing we use which is not Maltese is the flour of which we are awaiting our first harvest to also be able to produce in the coming months to be solely Maltese grown or caught food.

This comes with its challenges with things
such as sugar and oil to cook with of which we have found sustainable alternatives by studying the history books.

We also pride ourselves that 98% of our fruit and vegetables are grown using organic and biodynamic practices to take care of the land, have healthier more nutritious food free of any chemicals as well as our wines and cocktails using companies using sustainable practices.

Our Venue

Experience the artistry of our chefs as they prepare exquisite continental European dishes in our captivating open kitchen. Our bar invites with a serene ambiance, offering a selection of organic cocktails amidst breathtaking panoramic views from our terrace, overlooking the serene harbour and Valletta.

Nose to tail

All our meat is bought from local farmers and are bought whole so it is our mission to respect the animal and use every part of it. 

We are slowly getting more involved with the growing of the animals and hope to be able to say that all our animals will be 100% organic in the coming years

Buffet Breakfast

Start your day with a hearty breakfast, freshly prepared to initiate your day. Our buffet breakfast includes a vast choice of scrumptious delicacies whilst many of our dishes can be tailored to your dietary needs upon request.

Coffee & Juices included

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